Piedmontese Cuisine

The restaurant offers a selection of the most representative dishes of Piedmontese cuisine: from vitello tonnato to plin agnolotti, bagna caôda, ”finanziera” and bônet.

The original "Bollito misto"

It is one of the few restaurants in Turin where it is still possible to taste the original Piedmontese ”Bollito Misto”, the legendary recipe with “nine cuts” of meat including muscle, head, ”scaramella”, tongue, ”brutto e buono”, tail, cotechino, chicken and turgia salami, accompanied by seven sauces, two side dishes and a taste of plin to throw in the hot broth. In this configuration, the dish was created within these very walls, unlike the “seven cuts” created in Carrù.

Traditional sauces and wines

The traditional accompanying sauces can’t be missed (green and red sauce, cognà, fruit mustard, avije sauce, horseradish and mustard) and a good glass of wine, chosen from a rich selection that can satisfy the tastes of every lover of Bacchus.